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Knockatee with the kitten’s owner

Zoe, myself and four-year old Kaya (owner of kitten Tipsy who hiked up the mountain with me last month) decided to hike up Knockatee today in search of a hidden little treasure; the Knockatee Geocache. Little parcels hidden around the place with GPS-coordinates to locate them.

View from KnockateeKnockatee in the afternoon

The cache was found and Kaya was – deservedly – well proud of herself. Knockatee is, at 330 meter, not a huge obstacle but I admit I too was well proud of little one climbing and jumping up the track.

Kaya on KnockateeKaya is delighted with herself – well done!

We’re also starting to get addicted to these Geocaches. It is cool to find little hidden tupperware boxes sometimes filled with little surprises. We have the c:geo app installed which has a map and stuff to guide is to the different ones around the place.