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Hungry Hill at moonlight

There is nothing like sunrise from the summit of a mountain. The serenity, the light, the world around you awakening… it’s something magical indeed. Thus, me and my friend Martin set out in the middle of the night to conquer Hungry Hill, near Adrigole on the Beara peninsula. Waking up at 3am to go climb a mountain, even me myself was very skeptical about this idea myself when the alarm went off, but luckily my girlfriend kicked me out of the bed “just go!”.

Originally our plan had been to go at Hungry Hill from the North-East side. However, upon closer examination, going at it from this side proved a little bit challenging; at 685 meters tall Hungry Hill is not exactly Mount Everest; however it is still the tallest of the surrounding Caha mountains and we would have to go up there in the light the moon provides. So, instead we opted for a route from Rossmackowen Bridge. The third one on the list at

Sunrise Hungry HillSunrise over Hungry Hill

There was a catch however; going up the mountain from the North-West meant it was a race against the clock – the sun would be rising soon on the East meaning there was a mountain between us and the sunrise. I’m afraid we didn’t get there quite in time. The pink glare on the horizon, the view west over Castletownbere and Bere Island, and the excitement in general made well up for that.

It wasn’t particularly tough going and I think all in all within 90 minutes we found ourselves on the summit. Which indeed offers a truly cool view. Even our beloved Knockatee is well visible in the background. There is always something special about being on the summit of a hill or mountain. The idea you cannot get any higher. This is even more true on a mountain like Hungry Hill or Carrantuohill, where you are higher up than surrounding mountains. All in all a successful mission, in hindsight I’m delighted I did make it out of my bed at 3am.

Hungry Hill looking westLooking west towards Bere Island and Castletownbere