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Sheep’s Head Cycle

When my girlfriend Zoe was going to visit friends in Bantry, I seized the opportunity and put my bike in the boot of the car. Must say I was delighted at the ease with which the quick-release wheels come off. It’s the only way to fit a bike in the boot of our Audi but it’s really not that much work at all.

Having arrived in Bantry, the skies over the Sheep’s Head peninsula looked the clearest, so that was were I would be heading for the afternoon. I took the first right hand turn out of Bantry on towards Rooska and Glanlough. It’s a gradual cycle along a coast road, looking out over the sea towards the Beara peninsula. From here, Hungry Mountain – over the water near Adrigole – looks quite demanding!

From there, I took a left turn, cutting short over the peninsula to the village Ahakista. If I’d had the time I would have loved to carry on going around the coast road to complete the Sheep’s Head Way. Another day perhaps.

Glenlough to AhakistaThe road from Glenlough to Ahakista

This was a bit of a climb, but not for long was I heading down the hill on the other side. About 2 kilometers before Ahakista, I took a left towards Durrus. The other side of the Sheep’s Head peninsula too offers great views although I must admit the higher hills of the Beara and Iveragh peninsulas are somewhat more impressive to me.

It’s an easy and quick cycle and before I knew it I had passed the village of Durrus. It seems like quite a cosy little place, I had only ever heard of it through the hand-crafted cheese produced there. Another bit of a climb (conveniently followed by, as is usually the case, a descent) brought me back to my starting point in Bantry.

DurrusDurrus village