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Knockanoughanish is Knockatee’s Twin

I live right behind the hill Knockatee. And whilst I have gone up Knockatee several times now, it has a twin mountain on the east called Knockanoughanish (hill of the solitude) I had never climbed. I wasn’t really sure on how to go about getting up there. I had already gotten up to a lower peak just west of the main summit called Drombohilly, looking for the nearby stone circle. But it wasn’t the most convenient route I took that time, basically leaving from home going in as straight a line “as the crow flies” to the top. According to the site Mountain Views the best place to start would be further up the road right across the start of the Knockatee walk.

Terrain was a bit mushy to say the least (but that’s not all that odd considering the wet weather the last week) and a couple of fences had to be climbed. I think it took me and my dog about 40 minutes to get to the top. It’s easy enough to see where you’re going (basically, as long as you’re going up your’re going the right way). There’s two small summits of which the northerly is slightly taller.

Knockanoughanish summit

The main road (R571 Kenmare – Castletownbere) is clearly visible on the east side. Often I have driven my car along this road wanting to pull over to simply run up this mountain. Hence I couldn’t resist and had to descent from Knockanoughanish on the eastern side. This side is a bit steeper but much less distance has to be covered and within 20 minutes I was down at the main road. Of course, this meant I had to walk all the way around back to the starting point. I could have gone either way but towards the Kenmare side taking the first left back up the Drombohilly road is the fastest option (though, the Derreen Gardens are on the other side with plenty of walks should you not be satisfied with this hill alone).

Looking west towards KnockateeLooking west from Knockanoughanish out towards Knockatee