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Knockatee at (Totally Unimpressive) Sunset

Given the amazing sunsets we have had in the recent days here in South Kerry, and given today was yet another stunning day, I decided to go up to the top of nearby Knockatee just at sunset (crikey, that’s at 7.30 already these days). I decided to leave my lovely kitten at home this time, and for Kaya it was a bit too late as well. However my ever wise and clever canine buddy Apache was up for the task:

Parson Russell Terrier Apache on KnockateeApache looking wise

Unfortunately, clouds moved in quickly and ruined would could have been a postcard perfect sunset. From the top of Knockatee the view is usually superb overlooking Kenmare Bay out towards the open Atlantic. The peaks of the higher surrounding hills were covered in clouds whereas Knockatee at 380 meters was small enough to be clear. Still, the sunset tonight was not nearly as spectacular as I had hoped but me and Apache enjoyed our little evening adventure nonetheless.

Knockatee at (non existent) sunsetThe sunset was not great