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Cashelkeelty stone circle

On the road between Lauragh and Ardgroom you pass a small car park at the bottom of a forest on a hillside. And, there is signpost that reads Cashelkeelty (Caiseal Chaoilte) Stone circle. Interested? So were we.

Green forest floorThe green forest floor makes for a serene place

The forest itself is a serene place. The floor is damp, feels spongy and is completely green with moss and shamrocks. There were quite a few trees knocked over by winds here, demonstrating the force of the recent storms.

Further up on the hill the land opens up and an impressive panorama begins to loom on the horizon. The forest path comes out on a track (now part of the Beara Way walk) which in medieval times used to be the main road between Kenmare and Castletownbere. After a few stiles you will soon find the Cashelkeelty stone circle and standing stones scattered around the place. Against the backdrop of Kenmare Bay this makes for a special place indeed.

You could keep following the track which leads over the back of a small hill (Drung Hill) down back onto the R571 Ardgroom – Lauragh road. It is probably nicer just to turn around to avoid walking on a main road. I reckon it took us about half an hour to get to the stone circle and the same deal on the way back.