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The Salt Lake in Tuosist

The three Clonee Lakes in Tuosist flow into the sea at a place called the Salt Lake. It is just around the corner from the Tuosist pier down the road from the Westland holiday homes, but when the tide is in, getting there involves climbing up the hill on the south side, going trough a farmer’s field past the ruins of the castle, and down a rather steep track on the other side.

Beach at salt lakeThe sandy beach at the Salt Lake

When the tide is out, a massive sandy beach appears. The salt lake itself is just behind the beach, and on the other side there is a peninsula where you can find the remains of several old cottages. You can hike back to Tuosist following a track down this peninsula (though you’d have to cross the stream flowing from the salt lake into the sea) . This track soon becomes a boreen and comes out at the backroad between the Lake House bar and the Tuosist post office at the lower Clonee Lake.