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Exploring the Ruins of Ardea Castle

A short stroll from the pier in Tuosist, on the back of the hill between the pier and the nearby Salt Lake, you can find the ruins of Ardea Castle. The ruins are overgrown with briars and willow and not easy to get to.

Arched doorwayArched doorway

Ardea Castle has been an important defence fortification since the seventh century. It was one of three castles of the O’Sullivan-Bere clan for almost 400 years (together with Dunboy in Castletownbere and Carriganass in Kealkil). Around the year 1652 AD it was destroyed by Cromwell’s troops.

Although there isn’t much left of the castle, a couple of walls and details remain standing tall. The site itself overlooking Kenmare Bay and the Salt Lake is worth the journey.

Castle ruinsRuins of the castle