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Gleesk coral strand

Gleesk, near Sneem on the Iveragh peninsula, is home to Ireland’s one-of-only-two coral beaches (the other one is in Galway). Of course, we had to check it out.

Coral beachA beach made up of coral

Whilst the pier in Gleesk itself is a site to behold, the beach just behind it is something extraordinary. It is made up of millions of little bits of dried algae. Whilst it may not be coral, it does make for a unique type of beach.

Gleesk beachKaya loved the beach

The backdrop of the Beara peninsula, and in particular seeing Knockatee from a completelty different angle, make this place that little more special to us. Gleesk is only a short drive from Sneem, and on the Ring of Kerry, yet it seems like a place few people take the time to see. Perhaps it’s best kept that way.