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Sunday Walk along the Beara Way and Drung Hill

Sunday morning. The breakfast eaten, what do we do now? Perhaps just a lazy day doing as little as possible, especially after our little adventure in Glenrastel yesterday? Nah, let’s go for a little walk. But where? Around Cashelkeelty and follow the Beara Way track towards Ardgroom.

Drung Hill summitLooking west from Drung Hill

Cashelkeelty is a wonderful place with a spectucarly set stone circle to admire. It is also the start of a cool little stretch of the Beara Way walk that follows an ancient road between Castletownbere and Kenmare, at the foot of Keecragh and Knocknaveacal mountains.

Drung hillDrung Hill as seen from the ridge

In the past we had always turned around before the bit of the track that leads over a ridge between Drung Hill and Keecragh. Today we were determined to go a bit further. We made it to the top of the ridge, and then some. Drung Hill is just a short climb away and I could not resist.

The sun sets early this time of year. Had we had more time I probably would have wanted to get to the top of Keecragh as well. Still, we accomplished our mission and a good time was had by all. The view west towards Ardgroom and Pallas pier, and east towards Knockatee and Kilmakiloge, are worth the effort.