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Knockatee and Derryrush on a Friday afternoon

Two hands aren’t enough anymore to count the number of times I climbed Knockatee to admire the fantastic views. And still, I’d happily go up there again tomorrow. A particular clear afternoon proved an excellent opportunity to head up there again today.

Knockatee viewView from Knockatee on a clear day

I got up there via the usual route up the Drombohilly side, but I wasn’t gonna head back the same way. The ridge extending west from Knockatee out into the ocean (it’s called Tragelee there) looks pretty cool seen from Tuosist and I wanted to follow it all the way west down to the coast road.

Derryrush cairnThe highest point along the ridge

I had gone down Knockatee’s rougher western side before and found the terrain quite tough to navigate. Today however, perhaps I simply choose a better route, but it went very smoothly and in very little time at all I met the road upper road from Bunaw to Lehid. I hopped a fence or two, and the moorland up to the highest point of the ridge was easy terrain.

Derryrush viewTuosist pier looks lovely from here

Down to the coast road from here was more of a challenge, but a zigzag pattern through grassland and field full of cowsh*te got me there in little time.