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Little Hike up a Snow Covered Knockatee

Snow! Yea! Whilst other parts of the country seem to have had their share of it lately, in the valley we live snow is a rare occurrence. Looking out the window and seeing it snow rather than rain got Kaya quite excited!

However the snow did not settle around the house. Normally looking out the kitchen window we can see Knockatee standing tall and proud, but today it was so cloudy, misty and of course snowy that we could not figure would the snow settle up there and was the mountain white? Time for a spin up the hill!

Apache on a snowy KnockateeEnjoying the snow on Knockatee

And yes, Knockatee was white and covered in a thin layer of snow, but only at the top. Getting to the snow would mean hiking up there. Kaya herself decided not to join me and cat Tipsy had said no to climbing the hill today too.

SnowmanI made a little snowman for Kaya

I have been up Knockatee several times now but it remains a cool little hike. Apache and I had a good run; although the last time on Hungry Hill we encountered a tiny bit of icy snow, it was not enough for him to play or run around in it. Today was his day and he loved it!