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Winter Wonderland on Knockreagh

If my Facebook feed is to be believed almost everywhere around us is covered in several inches of snow. Not so on the Beara peninsula. Even the snow on the peak of Knockatee I checked out yesterday had melted away.

To find snow around our area the only option was: to get higher up. Whilst hiking up Knockatee yesterday I noticed a fine coating of snow on the slopes of Knockreagh. I had gone up this mountain before and it’s an easy hike as there is a decent farmer’s track going up to just below the summit.

Apache on KnockreaghApache on Knockreigh

It didn’t take us (young Kaya included) very long at all to reach the winter wonderland the upper parts of Knockreagh presented. At the end of the farmer’s track, Zoe and Kaya stayed behind to make a snowman and snow angels whilst I quickly ran up the last few hundred yards to the summit. In places the snow was several inches deep, much to Apache’s delight.

Apache having the craicApache having the craic

The summit of Knockreagh gives fantastic views back over towards Knockatee and Knockanoughanish; today the the snow-covered Dunkerron Mountains and McGillaCuddy Reeks across the water made it extra pretty. On the other side Coomnadiha is only a short hike away but it does block out the better view over Bantry Bay.