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A Walk Up Shehy More in West Cork

Visiting family today I wanted to stretch my legs a little bit. So social as I am, I left the family behind and took the dog on a little mission. I hadn’t really planned it but I found a lovely forestry track that would eventually take me to the top of Shehy More (545 meters). Maybe not quite as spectacular a hike as the Coomloughra Horseshoe the other day, but no less enjoyable.

Shehy MoreShehy More from the forestry below

The eastern Shehy Mountains isn’t an area I’ve spent a lot of time in. And whilst the landscape with its rolling hills isn’t as dramatic as the Kerry mountains, it does offer good views over quaint lakes, big areas of forestry and miles of farmland. My track through the vast spruce forestry around Coolmountain got smaller after a few miles and eventually became a farmer’s track leading almost directly to the top of Shehy More.

Coolmountain ForestryThe spruce forest around Coolmountain

After another 2 miles or so on this farmer’s track the summit of Shehy More was only a few hundred yards away through a boggy field full of heather. It was already getting late, the sun had set and sea fog was creeping in, but I still caught a glimpse of Bantry Bay from the top.

Shehy More ViewLough Nambrackderg