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Hiking a Loop Around Glenbeg Lough

One of our favourite places on the Beara peninsula is Glenbeg Lough. It’s a fantastic large trout fishing lake just a short drive from Ardgroom tucked in between the Caha mountains.

Sheep on EskatarriffSheep chilling out on Eskatarriff

Ever since we discovered the place on a treasure hunt I had thought I could do a loop walk around it over the back of the mountains. With today being a bright sunny day, the days lengthening and a sense of spring in the air, Apache and I went for it at last.

Tooreennamna ViewThe view from Tooreennamna

From the little car park we hopped the fence, it’s a fairly straight-forward hike up to the first hill of the day, Tooreennamna (524 meter), but parts of it were quite steep. There was a bit were I had to hoist the dog up in his harness as he wasn’t sure where to go or how to go about it. The view west was impressive, I could see as far as Waterville and the Skellig Islands behind it.

Hungry Hill from EskatarriffHungry Hill and Knocknagree from Eskatarriff

From here it’s easy going towards Eskatarriff (600 meter), a mountain I had climbed before as part of the epic Cummeengeera Horseshoe walk. That walk follows the northern ridge over the Rabach valley towards Lackabane, but today I had to descend a bit down the southern side of Eskatarriff to reach the ridge behind Glenbeg Lough over to Maulin’s North Top (579 meters), which is a bit of a climb up again from the ridge below Eskatarriff.

View from LackaweeLooking west from Lackawee

I would have liked to have had the time to climb Maulin’s proper summit, but it wasn’t on the route and I did not have the time. It was only around 2 o’clock that I decided to embark on this mission so I had to rush to make it down and off the hills before sunset. The next target was Lackawee (572 meters); easy going over gradual grassland, but in places very wet.

Sunset over the AtlanticSunset over the Atlantic from Commons East

On the western side, Lackawee gradually descends over series of hilltops in an area called Commons East. Staying on the back of this ridge meant I was able to enjoy a really nice sunset over the open Atlantic ocean behind Kilcatherine point. It didn’t take us very long to get back down to the road leading up to Glenbeg Lough although a few farmer’s gates and fences had to be hopped.