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Killelan mountain offers phenomenal views

Much to young Kaya’s delight I decided to use her afternoon off school today to go hiking together. I work a few hours a week at the Valentia Island lighthouse and Killelan mountain is right across the water from there, hence the hill and been on my list. Part of the mainland behind Caherciveen, Killelan’s twin peaks stand at a mere 275 meters tall (which, in the eyes of a 5-year old is huge) yet offers fantastic views.

Killelan Mountain summitKaya on the summit of Killelan

We parked up just beyond White Strand outside Caherciveen and were soon scrambling our way up the hillside to reach the eastern summit. Sometimes the routes I choose proof challenging. My reasoning is usually: we’re here (point A) and want to go there (point B). Why not go in a straight line? Well, both Kaya and fox terrier Apache were on to me with complaints about thistles and an abundance of other vegetation, which to be fair could have been avoided by taking a slight detour.

Valentia Lighthouse from KillelanValentia Island lighthouse from Killelan

Of course the Valentia Island lighthouse at Cromwell’s Point is well visible from Killelan. But the view from the summit goes a lot further than that. The panorama is phenomenal, with the view over Beginish Island and Valentia standing out. The Blasket Islands in the other directions almost appeared to be a short swim away (they are not).

Beginish Island from KillelanBeginish Island from Killelan

We went from Killelan’s eastern summit onto the western one, and from there on down towards Doulus Head. There is a cave on the southern side of Beginish Island which is home to a colony of seals. You can’t see this cave from the lighthouse on Valentia but today we had a good perspective. Hence we kept a keen eye out for seals whilst walking along the coastline through farmland back to our starting point. No seals to be seen today, just lots of weary sheep!

Killelan mountain sheepSheep on the slopes