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Kiddy-friendly hike up Beenarourke and Knockstooka

Another sunny October day, and an energised 6-year old on my hands all hyped up from a early halloween party: it was time for a kiddy-friendly hike. After my hike around Farraniaragh on the east side of the Coomakista Pass a few days ago, today Kaya and I went to the other side of said pass: Beenarourke and Knockstooka. Click here to see all my pictures of today.

Knockstooka summitKaya on the summit of Knockstooka

Starting of from the big car park at the top of the pass the top of Beenarourke (304 m) is only a small climb away but the views over Waterville and Derrynane are second to none. Beenarourke has a second smaller summit further to the west, and from there the final stop of the day would be Knockstooka (296 m) which looks out over the stunning Hog’s Head peninsula.

The final climb up Knockstooka is a bit steep and the ground is uneven with big rocks scattered around the place. Nonetheless Kaya plowed on bravely and it wasn’t long until she reached the summit. I was expecting complaints about the gorse and the climb, but they were unfounded as Kaya stated it was “an awesome adventure”.

It was an amazingly clear day and thus we could see as far as Knockatee on the Beara peninsula, the first mountain Kaya and I climbed together. It was also cool to see the waters of Ballinskelligs Bay, the Portmagee channel and Dingle Bay as three seperate layers of water flanked by hills to the north. On a nice day, is there a better place on earth?

Click here to see all my pictures of today.