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Sunday walk around the Emlagh Loop

The beautiful Reenroe strand stretches out for a good mile on both sides of the estuary of the river Inny just outside Waterville. It is a smashing large sandy beach, popular with locals as it’s a perfect place to let their four-legged friends expel their energy. Our fox terrier loves meeting his canine buddies here for a good run-around too.

Apache loves Reenroe

There is a nice short walk set-out from the little car-park at the western side of the beach, near the former Reenroe Hotel which now is derelict.  This 6-km looped walk takes in the western side of the beach and loops back over a quiet country road and a well signposted track through bogland and forestry. There are nice views over towards Hog’s Head and Bolus mountain.

There are no hills to climb on this easy-grade walk and the bits that lead through forestry are great for a quick game (or two) of hide-and-seek. And to top it all off there’s a massive sandy beach to play on. So 6-year old Kaya was well up for it today (the slightly concerned look on the photo below is probably due to something unbelievably silly her dad has just said – not the walking itself).

Kaya walkingKaya marches on