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The newly set out Reenroe Cliff Walk

A new signposted walk set out around Waterville turned out to be a pleasant discovery: our dog Apache likes his walks, and I have my favourites around our locality set out. Hardly a week goes by without us going around the Emlagh Loop at least once, an easy 6 km looped walk that takes in the stunning Reenroe strand and bog land behind it. Today, I checked out the new little signposted walk set out from the starting point at Reenroe strand: the Reenroe Cliff walk.

Reenroe StrandReenroe Strand from the cliff walk

The walk takes you right by the cliffs west of Reenroe via a small track, around the ruins of the former hotel. After half a mile it ends at a lovely new picnic area overlooking Trá na Sasanach, yet another sandy beach. A newly installed sign tells of the battle the O Sullivan Mór clan fought against the English at the site (its Irish name translates to Englishmen’s strand). Both the Irish commander Owen O’Sullivan Mór and English captain Edward Voclier fought courageously and afterwards captivities were exchanged promply as both men acknowledged the other’s courage.

Picnic areaThe new picnic area at Tranasasanach

The South Kerry Development Partnership (SKDP) did a fine job developing this short walk. Benches were installed along the way, including the previously mentioned picnic area. The Reenroe Cliff Walk makes for a great addition to the area.

That said, I do have a few recommendations. After half a mile a sign simply instructs visitors to turn around and come back the way they came. I ignored the sign and made my way back via the old runway in front of the derelict hotel. I have previously argued the county council should up its game and take care of the site, and I stand by that viewpoint. However, contemporary history is just as interesting and of equal historic importance as medieval history. As such the blooms and spills of the seventies, the Celtic tiger and the utter greed of property developers cannot and should not be hidden from the public. I’d like the SKDP to expand the walk, past the old hotel site. I guarantee visitors would be equally interested in Reenroe’s former hotel and runway, which still carries an international aviation (IATA) code to this day: CHE.

TranasasanachTrá na Sasanach or Englishmen’s Strand